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Adidas Zonyk Pro Sunglasses Review – With Vario Tuned Lenses!

by Lucas MG
Adidas Zonyk Pro Sunglasses Review – With Vario Tuned Lenses!

The Zonyk Pro sunglasses have won me over with their LST Vario Tuned lenses. These lenses are a combination of Adidas's two main lens lines, the LST which enhances colors, and the Vario Tuned which adjusts the tint of the lens for different light situations.

I have been a big fan of clear lenses for some time because the light changes so frequently during the duration of a ride. The lighting can be very different in the woods compared to out in the open or it might just get late and get darker during the ride. I found that I was struggling to see with dark tinted Oakley sunglasses and found the clear lenses to work much better for me.
After using the Zonyk Pros for a few months I am convinced that these lenses are the way to go. They offer enough tint to shade your eyes in sunny conditions (which I experience all too often here in the Colorado desert sun) and yet they become more transparent on cloudy days (which seems to be always in Whistler... at least while I was there).

The Zonyk Pro has all sorts of great features including a detachable sweat bar (which works GREAT), a 3-position adjustable frame, an adjustable nose bridge, and a quick and easy removable lens. Said lens is massive, which makes for a really nice, wide field of view, with little to no obstruction of the frame.

The Zonyk Pro glasses are extremely popular right now especially after being featured in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Keep an eye out and you're bound to see a handful of big-name pros rocking these shades. The Zonyk Pro weighs in at a nice, light 35g

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